Eyrie Combat

What is Combat by Eyrie?
When Coteries go to War, they fight using their Eyries, their own homes and cities, great mobile fortresses that clash and destroy, empowered and armed by their Patrons.
Eyrie combats are not a way to solve a disagreement, but a Declaration of War, the act of directly assaulting your enemies people, home, and God.

How do I declare War?
During an audience with your Patron, make clear your intention to go to War with another Cotery. When back in the Parliament, publically challenge your enemy: both sides have a small time to prepare. The Parliament will call for both Coteries' representatives to enter The Dream: they will both find themselves commanding their Eyries over a great expanse, accompanied by a great representation of their Patron.

How does War work?
Each Eyrie has an Assault, Defence, and Patron value, determined by the members of your Cotery. The declaring Cotery is the attacker, and the respondee the defender. Your resources will be described to you: both Eyries must bet an Assault, Defense, or Patron action:
  • An Assault Action orders your Cotery into attack, all hands on deck to destroy the enemy. This increases your Assault value.
  • A Defence Action orders your Cotery into protection of it's assets. This increases it's Defence Value.
  • A Patron Action calls your Patron into intervention of your Cotery. This enables a very special event to happen during the battle. You will have a limited number of these to call with - running out of these means your Patron can no longer intervene.
  • You may attempt something unlisted, for roleplay's sake. As youa re not in The Parliament, you cannot sing.
  • When both actions are revealed, if both Coteries Assaulted, they will both clash in severe, deadly battle. They will apply their Damage Value to each other's Defense values. This is deadly and devastating to both forces.
  • If both Coteries Defended, it is a stale mate.
  • If one Cotery Assaulted while the other Defended, the Assault Value is compared to the Defense: if it beats it, the difference is dealt to the Defender's Defence Value for following assaults.
  • If a Patron is deployed against an Assault, it will negate the assault with Unearthly power.
  • If a Patron is deployed against a Defence, it will obliterate part of the defenses, or perform some other divine action in the free time.
  • If two Patrons clash, this will result in an intense, terrible fight. Widespread destruction, Divine change, and existential Armageddon are common.
How do I end or flee a War?
After every Assault or Stalemate ("Turn"), the Victor will have the option of pressing the attack or ending the War (Offer a Truce). The other Cotery can accept a Truce, consolidate or flee: a fleeing Eyrie takes a free Assault from the Victor, always resulting in the loss of 1 Defence value.
A Truce is considred a great action, and both sides will be heavilly respected by the Parliament.

What happens when my Eyrie's Defense is reduced to Zero?
When this happens, terrible destruction has been done to your Eyrie: it's walls are torn open, it's capitol crushed, or it's major form of travel destroyed. Usually, your Patron will attempt to fix this damage, but it will cost you any contact with your Patron for the rest of this Parliament.
If your Patron clashed in War with another Patron, is exhausted from having all their Patron oppurtunities used during the War, and is not particularly bloated on emotion, they will be severely wounded, possibly forced out of your Cotery: this is a perfect oppurtunity to hunt down that Patron and destroy them, if youa re inclined to God killing. Ofcourse, this situation can always be avoided by Duelling.
Be warned: even wounded, Patrons are still God-like beings, and are easily capable of ending life with the beat of a Wing.

How regularly can I go to War?
After going to War, your Patron will be exhausted (or worse): even God-like beings need to rest. It will take some time before you can go to War again. Challenging an exhausted Eyrie is bad sport, an insult, and should instead be solved by Duel, or accepted for a later hour.

How do I improve my Eyrie's chances in War?
There are several ways to aid in a War:
  • Sacrifing Stuff will add walls and defences to the Eyrie.
  • Sacrificing Weapons and Artefacts will add to the Eyries armanents, creating huge, powerful Siege Weapons.
  • Some more advanced Songs can create specific War Machines & aids.
  • Sacrificing Emotion to your Patron to please them will make them stronger.
  • Mockingbirds can create huge weapons and artillery for Dirt Eyries.
  • Ravens' art can add great and beautiful, tear-jerking constructs to aid in various defensive maneuvers.
Using your Winged's ability to channel Fear or Terror can spread strife and fear amongst enemy Eyries, likewise using your ability to Resist fear can stop (non-Terror induced) panics, while Stalwart leaders can hold back the tides of paranoia and imminent defeat: this is something that can definetly be used during Wars.
Similarly, being a Toolsman can fix an Eyrie's breaks, a Technologist can manipulate advanced Idea-Technology, and a Barbrisier or Chirugeonier can heal a Cotery's peoples wounds.
Sending your Patron to saboutage the enemy's Eyrie before hand is an option.
This should all be done before hand in preparation. There is very little that can be done while actually leading your Eyrie.

I have... a different Patron. Can I call on them to aid me instead?
If you yourself are leading the War, you may call upon a Personal Patron. This will be obvious to all attacking, as the image of your Patron will be easily visible.
Similarly, if you have a personal Patron, you may specifically pay them with Emotion to aid your Cotery's next Warleader, regardless of their beliefs.