What is "Birdsong"?
  • Birdsong is The Winged's way of controling & effecting the Dream. It can be used to attempt to literally achieve anything.
  • It thrives on two things: Emotion (The Currency) & Performance. A "Song" can be sung, or danced (interpretive or traditional), or performing (or accompanying) on an instrument, or recited as poem, or prose, or given as a moving speech.
  • Birdsongs are usually performed solo, but joining in on somebody's song can often have empowering effects. As does sacrificing large ammounts of Emotion.
  • Birdsong comes in three distinct forms: "Songs" (The Spells), "Overtures" (Introduction Performances), and "Duels By Beak" (Alternating Turn Spoken Duels). We'll mostly be talking about Songs here, but will briefly cover the other two.

What can I achieve through Birdsong?
  • Anything is possible. However, each Song has a specific purpose.
  • Any Song your Winged knows (As in, is with your Qualities in your Character Brief) automatically succeeds with the minimum Emotion payment.
  • Any Song your Winged does not know can only ever achieve the minimum effect, even with any Emotion payment. The outcome of any Songs you perform that you do not know are decided entirely by The Ref Team.
  • The Ref Team is allowed to immiediately decide OC that your song fails, with logical IC repurcussions. Do not tempt the vast sea of metaphysical possibilities.

How does performing a Song work?
  • Tell a roaming Ref you are about to perform a Song so they can observe you.
  • If no Refs are available, and you are satisfied with the following, you may perform your Birdsong and report to a Ref immiediately afterwards. You will only be awarded the minimum outcome.
  • Tell the Ref what the Song is called (On your Character Brief). Do not make up names, OC. If it is something you do not know, tell the Ref.
  • Perform your Song. Sing, Dance, Speak, whatever. The minimum time is 30 seconds. Take however long you need, but don't be stupid.
  • Make it clear in your performance what you are sacrificing to empower your Song. Hand these in to the Ref.
  • If your Song has an immiediate outcome, you will be notified wether this works or not, and any IC strangeness, immiediately by the Ref.
  • If your song involves statistics or possibilities, we will work on it's outcome immiediately. Feel free to continue roleplaying or sit out as you await your outcome (we can provide feasible IC reasoning for your brief vanishing).

What makes my Song more effective?
  • Depends on the Song. You will find hints in your Song Entries. These may include any / all / some / none of the following.
  • Emotion: All Songs have a minimum Emotion Cost. Pumping more emotion into it will almost certainly give it a much greater effect. Most songs also have a "Key" Emotion - sacrificing this Emotion especially will have a massive outcome.
  • Duration: Drawing out a Song may make the Song more effective, especially if it is a proper, impressive performance.
  • Impression: Impressing the Ref with roleplay can lead to a small Bonus. This might be as little as additional information to the difference between failure & success.
  • Stuff: Some Songs require the sacrifice of Stuff to empower them. Additional Stuff can usually insure a different outcome, if not necessarily a better one.
  • Licensed Weapons / Armour / Fancy Clothing: Some Songs require licensed Weapons to be included. It is a bad idea to forget this.
  • Relics: It is possible to acquire Relics & other important items in play. Sacrificing these to your Patron is a profitable idea.
  • Souls: There a re better things to do with Souls, but sacrificing one during a Song is a good replacement fora  lot of Emotion. Similarly, certain Songs will require a Soul to be sacrificed (minimum), or giving one to a Patron might be cool.

Can I do anything to stop someone performing a Song?
  • Well, yes. Kill them, and all the repurcussions that come with it.
  • Objecting is risky, and generally considred rude, but could be to your benefit.
  • Attacking someone during a Song is just plain rude. Expect rebuttle.
  • In simple: No, there is no way any Winged can stop someone Singing, without resorting to crudity or violence. There are Songs that might stop the effects of a previous / future Song, but that's not the same thing as straight up stabbing a guy.

How do I perform an Overture?
  • An Overture is your entire Coterie's joint introduction to the rest of the Parliament. The previous Conductor (Before the New Conductor's vote) will announce (early) when it is time for the Curtains To Be Raised On The Parliament. Each Cotery will take it's turn to perform...
  • Your Overture can be whatever you want. From an elaborate song & dance, to a  choral rendition, to just a lavish introduction. You can always decline & bow out.
  • It is a good idea to briefly discuss a group idea before hand. We're not expecting stage-level musical numbers, but feel free to plan choreography. There will be a good hour of OC faff before a game, so feel free to plan OC then.
  • Your Overture cannot be empowered by sacrificing anything. Sorry.
  • The Conductor will choose the order of performance. Once everyone has taken their turn, The Conductor will retreat to decide who has won (We strongly suggest coming to one side & discussing your IC & OC impressions with the Ref Team, to understand how "The Parliament" as an entity felt. Keep it all IC, but the Ref Team will tell you was particularly impressive). There may be an oppurtunity for Bribes.
  • The announced Winner will be rewarded a small prize, and possibly have a Metaphysical effect on the Parliament...

How do I Duel By Beak?
  • Get into a disagreement with someone. Challenge them to a Duel By Beak. Easy.
  • The Challenged starts by making a statement, usually of detriment to their oppenent.
  • The Challenger responds in kind.
  • Doing the above in a lyrical fashion is allowed. approved, and generally awesome. Do not feel you have to. An argument is still awesome.
  • As a spectator, feel free to provide appropiate cheers, boos, "ooo!"s and backing beats.
  • Repeat until someone gives up, or the Conductor announces a Winner (minimum elapsed time: 1 minute).
  • Give everyone a cheer. Duelling By Beak is Awesome.
  • The Winner may be rewarded by The Parliament itself.

List of Song Types
  • These are here to provide entertainment, and a glimpse of what is possible.
  • Some of these may not exist in play right now.
  • Not all of these may be real songs.
  • This is NOT an IC list.
  1. Alchimerical Healing
  2. Alchimerical Change
  3. Alchimerical Poison
  4. Alchimerical Venom
  5. Alchimerical Visions
  6. Alchimerical Truth
  7. Emotion Aura
  8. Emotion Field
  9. Alter Metaphysic
  10. Bad Joke
  11. Beseech Audience
  12. Beseech Private Audience
  13. Beseech Surprise Audience
  14. Sacrifice
  15. Create Crow
  16. Create Child Of Horus
  17. Empower Crow
  18. Empower Child Of Horus
  19. Minor Empower Crow
  20. Minor Empower Child Of Horus
  21. Banish Crow
  22. Destroy Crow
  23. Restore Crow
  24. Bestow Fear
  25. Bestow Silencing Voice
  26. Bestow Vitality
  27. Bestow Speed
  28. Bestow Strength
  29. Bestow Blast
  30. Bestow Beserk
  31. Carousing Song
  32. Collect Rumours
  33. Question & Answer
  34. Convert Common
  35. Convert Foreign
  36. Convert Common to Foreign
  37. Convert Foreign to Common
  38. Create Will
  39. Create Blueprint
  40. Forge Idea Device
  41. Cursing
  42. Epic Story
  43. Eyrie Secrets
  44. Stargazing
  45. Scrounging
  46. Thief Song
  47. Forge Item / Weapon
  48. Forge Artefact
  49. Magpie Song
  50. Raven art
  51. Ghostly Message
  52. Ghostly Wounds
  53. Great Silencing Bellow
  54. Healing Speech
  55. Hunting Song
  56. Improve Accuracy
  57. Morale Boost
  58. Perfect defense
  59. Petition
  60. Purify
  61. Quest Song
  62. Swansong
  63. Wayfinder
  64. Ascend
  65. Avatar
  66. Skin Artist
  67. Soul Artist
  68. Destruction
  69. Retrace
  70. Open
  71. Close
  72. Mutation: Hate
  73. Mutation: Love
  74. Mutation: Soul
  75. Mutation: Stuff
  76. Mutation: Adventure
  77. Mutation: Nightmare
  78. Mutation: Bliss
  79. Mutation: Wrath
  80. Mutation: Desire
  81. Mutation: Despair
  82. Aegis
  83. Summon Lost